Learnings from best Black Friday ads

November 30, 2022

In this webinar, you will learn how to increase purchases for Black Friday ads. ⚫🟡💸

Andreas will tackle common questions on considerations marketers and designers have when creating ads optimized for purchases during Black Friday. 💸🚀

Just like these: 

  • What audience performs the best? 
  • How much text should there be on an ad for the highest purchase rate? 
  • What should you mention in the text? 
  • What Colors should you avoid at all costs for Black Friday? 
  • What Color Combinations you should definitely go for? 

and many more :) - total of 60+ slides.

As always, data-backed, insight-packed, 45-minute of pure gold for anyone who is in marketing. 

Grab your seat and will see you there!

Have a question you want us to cover? Send t to gg@confect.io and we will make sure to do a deep-dive in it and get it in the slides. 

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